‘I have a car…’ 2


Last year I appeared on a TV program on Tokyo channel named ‘I have a car…‘ visiting many places related to shogi. It was a very interesting experience and I was able to visit many places. This year I had the opportunity to make the second part and visit other places around Tokyo. This time it was again with the company of the model and strong amateur player Lindow and the professional female player Takemata…

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Hifumin love! Katou Hifumi x Morning Musume


This year’s shogi fever still continues in Japan thanks to the 3 main characters: Fujii Souta, the youngest shogi player, Habu Yoshiharu who got the eternal seven crown, and Katou Hifumi “Hifumin” the oldest shogi player who retired this year. Hifumin has now quite free time and he is using it for his second hobby, appear on variety TV shows. He was already a regular at the TV program of Matsuko Delux and now he…

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I want to go to Japan: Shogi edition


Yesterday, there was a program on the japanese TV about foreigners who like Japan and want to visit it.  On that program they invited a small girl from Belarus to Japan. On the video they also showed the Shogi dojo of Minsk and some strong shogi players like Vincent Tanian and Sergei Lysenka. Here is the video of the TV program: https://youtu.be/wkOm0yJIwvY

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‘I have a car…’


Yes, I know this is a strange title for a shogi post but this has a reason.  This weekend I will appear on japanese TV!! And not only this! I will appear on a program about shogi! There is a TV program on the TV Tokyo named ‘I have a car…’ (車あるんですけど) where they borrow a car to someone so he can go where he wants. This week, a professional model, a japanese comedian and…

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New shogi tv show: Shogi Meshi


The manga of Shogi Meshi has got his adaptation to a mini-TV show thanks to the Fuji channel. It is broadcast at 2:30 of Wednesday night but it can rewatch on Fuji on demand app for mobile phone. There are 8 episodes of 20 minutes each. 将棋めし2話を見逃した方❤️ 【無料】第二食 2017/8/8放送 欲張りの特上ちらし! – FOD – フジテレビの動画配信サービスhttps://t.co/m778PBCk7b ここから見るのだ😳❣️ pic.twitter.com/w89VZqENlX — 内田理央←だーりお (@lespros_rio) August 10, 2017 This manga started last year in August and sold his first volume in…

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