Opening of March comes in like a lion

Finally the anime of March comes in like a Lion was aired on japanese public TV NHK. It was a nice chapter where we were introduced to the main characters very loyal to the manga. The anime had a great reception for all shogi fans and for anime viewers.

The opening song, called Fighter, was made by Bump of Chicken.

3月のライオン meets BUMP OF CHICKEN


Shogi in culture – March comes in like a lion

March comes in like a lion – 3月のライオン – is a manga that started to serialize as a manga on year 2007 at the magazine Young Animal. The series are set in Tokyo and is about a 17 years old Shogi Player named Kiriyama Rei. He lost his parents in a car accident when he was in primary school and a friend of his father, a Shogi player called Koda Masachika – 幸田 柾近 – took care of…

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Shogi in culture – Naruto

Shogi is very present at japanese culture. Too many books, manga, anime or movies have a narrative about shogi or include it as an element. On of the most famous manga around the world, Naruto ナルト, showed us Shikamaru and Asuma playing together. Too many foreigners started to learn about shogi when they saw this scene in the anime show. Even an actual womens professional player Karolina Styczyinska1 got interested in shogi thanks to this…

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