The traditional way to decide who is the sente (the first to play) and gote is making the furigoma. Traditionally, in chess the way to decide black or white is to take a pawn of each color and hide it in the hand and let the rival choose. On important professional games usually is a helper who is in charge of do it, if there is no one else usually is the person with higher…

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Shogi Arrives in America


The first known game of shogi in America took place in June of 1860 at the Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Japan had recently ended its 250 years of isolation, and sent a mission to the USA to ratify the Treaty of Friendship. As part of the diplomatic mission’s visit to Philadelphia, members of the delegation visited the Athenaeum. The Athenaeum (located at 219 South 6th Street between St. James Place and Locust Street) was a 15-year-old…

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‘I have a car…’


Yes, I know this is a strange title for a shogi post but this has a reason.  This weekend I will appear on japanese TV!! And not only this! I will appear on a program about shogi! There is a TV program on the TV Tokyo named ‘I have a car…’ (車あるんですけど) where they borrow a car to someone so he can go where he wants. This week, a professional model, a japanese comedian and…

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Hifumin and March comes in like a lion


Last month was released the newest volume of the manga March comes in like a lion. This is the volume number 13 and it has been released almost 1 year after the volume 12.  ひふみん、「3月のライオン」を読み「猫ちゃんが主人公なの?」CM公開(動画あり) https://t.co/EZst3KCRxh pic.twitter.com/TPlmNzH9bT — コミックナタリー (@comic_natalie) September 28, 2017 The anime of this manga has been aired on the NHK channel and 2 movies based on the manga roled by Kamiki Ryuunosuke were a big hit on japanese cinemas. For this 13th volume a CM is been aired…

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2nd season of March comes in like a lion from October 14th

第2シリーズ2017年10月14日よりNHK総合テレビにて毎週土曜23:00〜放送。Blu-ray&DVD第4巻は8/23(水)発売! The second season of the anime of March comes in like a lion will arrive at the TV on October 14th. This anime has attracted much attention in shogi to people who didn’t know anything about the game. This spring there was also the movies of March comes in like a lion with the actor Kamiki Ryuunosuke playing the role of Kiriyama Rei. This season will continue with the story of the manga that will…

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