Habu will be the next challenger of the Ryuuou title

A few days after he lost the Oui title against Sugai, Habu Yoshiharu had an important game against Matsuo Ayumu. They played the third and last game for decide who is the challenger of the Ryuuou title. 

Habu won the first game but Matsuo was able to won the second. The last game they played yokofu-dori opening. Matsuo finished with his king right on the middle of the board. 

Habu will be the next Ryuuou challenger and it will be one of the most important matchs of the next year. Not only because two genious players like Habu and the actual title holder, Watanabe Akira, will play, and it will be very important for Habu. Habu has got 99 titles on his career and this would be his title number 100. 

But not only this!

Habu now has 6 permanent titles.  He has MeijinOuiOuza, Kiou, Kisei and Ousho permanent titles and he only needs 1 more title as Ryuuou to become permanent Ryuuou title holder. If he got it he will became the permanent 7 titles holder. 永世七冠.

For become a permanent title holder is necessary to win the same title a few times ( each title has a different conditions).

Who do you think that will be the next Ryuuou title holder? Watanabe akira or Habu Yoshiharu?